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Velas, the future is now.
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Who we are?

Velas is a blockchain provider headquartered in Switzerland, currently making major discoveries to increase the blockchain market. The company is contributing to society with one of its flagship products, namely a decentralized social network platform named Bitorbit.

This platform is focused on the best combination of social functions while respecting user privacy.

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Our Mission

Serious activity around blockchain is driven through every industry across the globe due to an acute need for trust in the digital world.

We believe there is an opportunity to fundamentally change how social services are built, used and monetized, by eliminating the need for intermediaries and putting blockchain in an important position for improving trust, transparency and efficiency.

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What we do?

Bitorbit is more than just a platform - it's a movement that urges users to take back control of their social experience.

By leveraging blockchain technology, Bitorbit is a fundamental paradigm shift in the way we interact, influence, and transact with online communities.

Our Values





Free Speech

Open Source

Our Focus

Decentralized Applications


Identity & Access Management

Payment Services

Open Finance

Social Media Networks and Messengers