• How can I download Bitorbit?

    To download Bitorbit please follow this link.

  • Who are the team behind Bitorbit?

    Bitorbit is built and developed by the Velas team.

  • Who is Bitorbit for?

    Bitorbit is for everyone who needs to create and share high-quality content and sell it for crypto. From bloggers to content creators, Bitorbit is the go-to platform for the new digital frontier.

  • Why use Bitorbit?

    Using Bitorbit, content creators can earn money and feel the benefits of the high-quality content and additional purpose-built features including:

    • Built-in crypto wallet

    • Added private groups

    • Built-in video feed

    • Data synchronization and contacts list

    • Censorship resistant

  • Is Bitorbit free to use?

    Yes, Bitorbit is completely free to use. No hidden functionality charges, no monthly fees. This is a free platform.

  • On what devices can I use Bitorbit?

    Bitorbit is currently tested on iOS 13 and above and Android 8 and above. All OS versions above these will operate with Bitorbit. OS versions below these may operate with limited functionality or no functionality - it's advised to update your OS if facing issues accessing the Bitorbit platform.

  • Does Bitorbit also run on a Desktop or Web version?

    Not yet. The Bitorbit development team is working on additional platform functionality and in the future platforms such as Desktop and Web access will be available. The immediate focus is on mobile accessibility, where the majority of the market accesses digital content.

  • How can I create a Bitorbit account?

    To setup a Bitorbit account, run the Bitorbit application and select the ‘Sign Up’ option to create an account. Follow the setup steps provided.

  • How many accounts can I generate in Bitorbit?

    There are no account limitations, users are able to create as many accounts as needed.

  • How do I invite my friends to Bitorbit?

    Open the ‘Profile’ tab and select the ‘More’ option, select ‘Referral Program’ where you'll see a unique referral link with which you can share with your friends and earn some cashback based on their activity on Bitorbit.

  • What assets does Bitorbit wallet support?

    Currently, Bitorbit has support and functionality for the VLX coin. In the future additional assets will be integrated and supported.

  • Does Bitorbit feature a Referral Program?

    Yes, Bitorbit features a fully functional Referral Program. To access the Bitorbit Referral Program, open the ‘Profile’ tab and select the ‘More’ option, choose ‘Referral Program’ where you'll see a unique referral link with which you can share with your friends and earn some cashback based on their activity on the platform.

  • How can I access help and support with Bitorbit?

    If you need any help, please reach out to the Bitorbit Customer Support through the following link: support.bitorbit.com


  • How secure is my wallet?

    Bitorbit follows the security standards accepted and favored by the crypto community. Velas Account has been audited independently with the full audit link being published soon.

  • Where are my Bitorbit messages stored?

    All messages are stored on the Bitorbit end-to-end encrypted server, not on the blockchain.

  • What is a seed phrase?

    A seed phrase (also known as ‘mnemonic seed’ or ‘private keys’) is a combination of words that are needed to save and recover an account. Anyone with access to your seed phrase has access to your account - keep this strictly private, store your seed phrase offline in a physical location, and never share your seed phrase with anyone.

  • If I lose my phone, how can I access my account?

    You can recover your account through your seed phrase.

  • How does Bitorbit connect to the blockchain?

    Bitorbit utilizes Velas Account to connect to the blockchain.

  • How to deposit USD?

    You need to exchange USD or BTC to VLX with the exchanges listed at: velas.com